We Buy Houses Bolton – Awesome Testimonial! Plus Walkthrough!

We Buy Houses Bolton – Awesome Testimonial! Plus Pre-Renovation Walkthrough! Super excited about one of our most recent off-market deals! This homeowner contacted us because his mother had moved out of her long-time home into assisted living, and because he lived in Florida, he did not have the time or means to take care of … Continued

Inherited Property Sold Quickly For Cash and Transformed!

http://SellYourHomeCT.com | 860-255-8617 | http://facebook.com/SellYourHomeCT We can’t wait for you to see this video! You won’t believe the transformation that this home underwent, this is why we love what we do! We get to be a part of enriching communities by improving home values and solving real estate problems! This homeowner contacted us after inheriting … Continued

Cottage Street Duplex: FAST Closing!!

http://SellYourHomeCT.com | 860-255-8617 | http://facebook.com/SellYourHomeCT Hey guys wanted to take a quick second to tell you about another cool deal that we just did. This was actually the second property that we have bought from Jack. I love when we get repeat customers! WIthin 24 hours of the putting this property under contract we had … Continued

Selling A Multifamily Property in Hartford – 3 Keys

Selling A Multifamily Property In Hartford Quickly – 3 Keys with Oz Pariser! http://SellYourHomeCT.com | 860-255-8617 | http://facebook.com/SellYourHomeCT Selling a multifamily property in Hartford has different challenges and considerations than selling a single-family home. We recently put a large 3-family home in Hartford under contract with a buyer. Our listing at 85 Lincoln St, Hartford … Continued

We Buy Houses Naugatuck – We Sell Houses Too!

  This homeowner contacted us for a cash offer, but after advising them on their options, they decided that listing their property would be the best route for them to take. Luckily we are able to help with that as well! Jeff filled out our form online and explained that his wife got a job … Continued

Vernon Cash Homebuyers | Another Successful Closing

We Buy Houses Vernon – Vernon Cash Homebuyers – Sell Your Inherited Property Vernon We recently had the pleasure of helping a homeowner who came to us with a problem property. She inherited a property from her parents and her own home had fallen into disrepair. She wanted to get rid of it quickly because … Continued