“We Buy Houses Vernon CT” Company Transforms Home!

“We Buy Houses Vernon CT” Company home transformation! You won’t believe your eyes! We can’t wait for you to see this video! You won’t believe the transformation that this home underwent, this is why we love what we do! We get to be a part of enriching communities by improving home values and solving real … Continued

“We Buy Houses Manchester” Satisfied Client Testimonial

Manchester Cash Homebuyers | Sell Your House Fast in Manchester This homeowner had to move out of Manchester and was supporting two mortgages and it was putting huge financial strain on her! Another “investor” had promised to buy her house for cash but disappeared at the last minute, costing her more precious time. So her … Continued

3 Ways to Handle Real Estate Inheritance in Manchester, CT

3 Ways to Handle Real Estate Inheritance in Manchester, CT For most people, inheriting a home can seem like a dream come true.  However, there are many challenges that come with a real estate inheritance in Connecticut.  Making wise choices with an inheritance and looking at the gift as an investment, can provide a nice … Continued

Sell Your House Fast in Connecticut – One QUICK Tip

What’s up!! We’re back with another post on how to help you sell your house fast in Connecticut. We’ve got one quick tip for you today, and that tip is on PRICING PROPERLY. There was a study published by the Journal of Housing Research, that looked at 1,000 buyers in Virginia, looking at a pool … Continued

Why Cash Home Buyers Can Save You A Lot of Headaches

Hey folks, Oz here! Writing a quick post about how selling your house through a Realtor can be a hassle. How do I know this? I’m a Realtor!! Sometimes, when I meet with homeowners, they want a higher price than I can reasonably offer them as an investor, and they are willing to wait to … Continued