Just Closed On A Beautiful Cottage In Moodus, CT

Just closed on another property, a beautiful cottage in Moodus CT that we are going to put back on the market. This homeowner had previously had trouble with buyers backing out at the last minute when trying to sell this property, so we made him a quick, all-cash offer and offered to close in 2 weeks, and he accepted! He was able to get cash for his property, close in 2 weeks, and not deal with the hassles of a traditional sale. We’re happy we were able to help Tom get his house sold quickly and easily!

Oz Pariser

About Oz Pariser

Oz Pariser is the President of Sell Your Home CT. He lives in Manchester, CT with his wife and son. He is passionate about real estate and finding solutions for homeowners who need help with their properties. To learn more about Oz and his company, Sell Your Home CT, click the About Us link at the top of the page.
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