Another Closing in the Books in Middletown, CT!

Another closing in the books on a wholesale deal in Middletown, CT! Solving real estate problems every day at Sell Your Home CT, and always passionate about what we do!

This homeowner contacted us about buying his vacant home in Middletown. We made him a quick cash offer to buy his property as-is, and he accepted! We buy houses and renovate them, then sell them on the retail market, improving real estate values and enriching communities all over CT, but we also work with an extensive network of cash buyers who are able to close on our deals, and on this particular deal we chose to wholesale the property to one of our reliable cash buyers. They will renovate the property and put it back on the market, our home owner got his money and most importantly his piece of mind, and everyone gets to walk away happy. Another day in the life of a real estate investor!

Oz Pariser

About Oz Pariser

Oz Pariser is the President of Sell Your Home CT. He lives in Manchester, CT with his wife and son. He is passionate about real estate and finding solutions for homeowners who need help with their properties. To learn more about Oz and his company, Sell Your Home CT, click the About Us link at the top of the page.
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